Thematic evaluations

The purpose of thematic evaluations is to provide a better understanding and national comparisons of how various higher education institutions (HEIs) work and of achieved results in the examined theme.

Choice of theme

Thematic evaluations are to be based on tasks of importance for quality in higher education assigned to HEIs by legislation and ordinances. Themes that can be evaluated include widening participation, internationalisation and gender equality. Other relevant themes for evaluation are the usefulness of courses and programmes and preparation for careers, dimensioning of higher education places and sustainable development. Information obtained through the Swedish Higher Education Authority’s (UKÄ’s) different activities, analyses and assignments can also be used for thematic evaluations.


The methodology applied to the thematic evaluations is developed and adapted to the relevant theme, but it should follow the methods used for the other components whenever possible. UKÄ will notify HEIs about the relevant methodology well ahead of beginning a thematic evaluation.

This page was last updated 27 January 2023