News 27 September 2023 14.38

The higher education institutions in Sweden are doing well in UKÄ’s reviews- but there are common challenges

A new report from UKÄ gives an overview of how the universities have fared in all the reviews that have been carried out in the last six years. In general, the higher education institutions’ quality assurance systems have been approved in UKÄ's reviews - but there are common areas of development.

- A total of 42 institutional reviews were carried out and of these, most higher education institutions, 29, were approved with reservations. Only 4 higher education institutions received the assessment quality assurance processes under review, says Stella Annani, senior project manager at UKÄ and one of the project leaders for the report A system review - A summary analysis of the national system for quality assurance 2017􀂱.

In many cases, the higher education institutions that have received the assessment approved with reservations or quality assurance processes under review have common challenges.

The report was published in Swedish in June and has now been translated.

Read the report: Accounts over a system - Summary analysis of the national quality assurance system 2017–2022. Pdf, 1 MB.

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